La Jolla Farms

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Keep current on local weather and tidal conditions using these web sites. The weather information is supplied by local weather stations. The tidal data comes from a station at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Refer to the Gliderport Weather Station before jumping off on your next soaring adventure. Web cams are located around the area to give you a bird's eye view of current conditions. These sites help plan surfing, walks/runs on the beach, beachcombing, tidepool exploring, surf fishing and hang gliding.
Weather   ^top^
+Expand/-Collapse   Current Weather Data     Scripps Pier - MADIS LJAC1
Scripps Pier Weather Station
Reported by
Station LJAC1 - 9410230 - La Jolla, CA
Owned and maintained by NOAA's National Ocean Service
32.867 N 117.257 W (32°52'1" N 117°15'26" W) id=9410230#info station=ljac1
+Expand/-Collapse   Torrey Pines Gliderport Weather Station     Torrey Pines Gliderport
Near real-time weather station designed for glider pilots. This site includes graphic and tabular weather data on wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and atmospheric pressure. Also regularly updated web cam images.
Tides   ^top^
+Expand/-Collapse   Beach Water Quality   619-338-2073 (Hotline)  Scripps Pier - 500 ft. North.
County of San Diego, Dept. of Environmental Health, Beach Water Quality.
Click on Central > Scripps Pier - 500ft North for closest monitoring point to Blackhorse La Jolla Farms beaches.
+Expand/-Collapse   Current Tides - Observed vs. Predicted   301-713-2815 x119  These data from Scripps Pier
The Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) collects, analyzes and distributes historical and real-time observations and predictions of water levels, coastal currents and other meteorological and oceanographic data. This is part of an integrated National Ocean Service program supporting safe maritime navigation, more productive water-borne commerce, and the needs of the National Weather Service, coastal zone management, engineering and surveying communities. See also NOAA Main Site (Note: times on this site are UTC/GMT)
+Expand/-Collapse   NOAA Station at Scripps Pier     Scripps Pier, La Jolla
NOAA Tide Predictions allows users of the Tides and Currents website ( to generate tide predictions for up to 2 years in the past or future. This website service provides both a graphical plot of the predictions as well as a tabular listing and printable pages.
+Expand/-Collapse   Surfrider Foundation, San Diego - Ocean Water Quality   858-792-9940  Solana Bch
A non-profit environmental organization working to preserve our oceans, waves & beaches.
Webcams   ^top^
+Expand/-Collapse   Joint Center for Structural Genomics Webcam     San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD
This webcam on the SDSC building points west towards the Gliderport. Contact author Andrew Morse: for details on the webcam.
+Expand/-Collapse   Lodge At Torrey Pines Webcam     
+Expand/-Collapse   San Diego Bay Live Webcam     San Diego Bay, Pt. Loma, Harbor, City
Live picture of downtown San Diego from across San Diego Bay. The palm trees below are on Shelter Island, a man made island built up by dredging in 1934. Just past the water line is Balboa Park (a bunch of trees in the middle, left of the buildings on the wider shot). The airplanes flying over the city and moving to the left (north west) are approaching Lindberg Field to land. They will usually reverse direction during a strong Santa Ana wind. You can sometimes see snow off in the distance on Mt. Laguna during a clear winter day.
+Expand/-Collapse   Scripps HD Pier Cam - Live streaming video view of beach and surf     Scripps Pier
This camera is mounted on Scripps Pier and periodically faces South towards La Jolla Shores and the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, then Southwest towards La Jolla Cove across the Pacific Ocean. (That tall building in the distance is the condominium tower at 939 Coast Blvd. The only high-rise on the coast has 164 units on 21 floors.) then West to the Pacific Ocean surf line. Thank you for sponsoring this web cam.
+Expand/-Collapse   UCSD Price Center Plaza Webcam   ...  UCSD Price Center
UCSD Student Employees Center.
Earthquakes   ^top^
+Expand/-Collapse   California Earthquake Authority (CEA)   877-797-4300  Sacramento, California
The CEA is a privately financed, publicly managed entity that offers residential earthquake insurance to California homeowners, renters, condominium owners, and mobilehome owners through its participating insurance companies. If your home is damaged by an earthquake, AND you have a California Earthquake Authority policy, you have a number of important coverages. These include money to rebuild your home, replace damaged contents, make emergency repairs to your home, bring your home into compliance with new building codes, and cover emergency living expenses.
+Expand/-Collapse   Ready - Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed     
Information and resources from the Government about how to prepare for, plan for and stay informed about natural disasters.
+Expand/-Collapse   Red Cross - Prepare, Respond During, Recover After Earthquakes     
Red Cross - Prepare, Respond During, Recover After Earthquakes
+Expand/-Collapse   Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)   213-740-5843  Los Angeles, California
The SCEC, headquartered at USC, was founded in 1991 with a mission to: * gather new information about earthquakes in Southern California; * integrate this information into a comprehensive and predictive understanding of earthquake phenomena; and * communicate this understanding to end-users and the general public in order to increase earthquake awareness, reduce economic losses, and save lives.
+Expand/-Collapse   U. S. Geological Survey - Did you Feel It?     Pasadena, CA
Recent significant earthquake events that were felt in the California region. This is a U.S. Geological Survey project to collect information about ground shaking following significant earthquakes.